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Arequipa, which is known as the “white city” for its baroque-style buildings made from white volcanic stone, is Peru’s second largest city by population and one of the most frequently visited by tourists. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to this volcano-surrounded southern city to appreciate its stunning colonial architecture, unique local culture and amazing natural beauty.

Our hostel, located right in the heart of Arequipa, provides the perfect base for exploring the city and surrounding area. Located in a former school, it features a pool and three sunny courtyards where you can enjoy the city’s year-round pleasant weather. There are fun daily activities organized by our staff (sports, cultural activities, gastronomic events, etc.) as well as tours and excursions available to book right at the hostel. For sports lovers, Wild Rover is also the best spot to watch live sports on TV in Arequipa. All GAA, football, NFL, NBA, MLB, AFL, UFC, boxing, golf and all other games are played live on our huge screens. We’ve created a unique atmosphere here at Wild Rover Arequipa – a place that can be enjoyed by all kinds of travelers from all different walks of life.




  • Calle Ugarte 111 Arequipa,

  • International / Local +51 996 206 525
    (Whatsapp only)



We are located just two blocks from the main plaza of Arequipa, right in the center of the city. If you’re traveling with Peru Hop, your bus will drop you off directly in front of the hostel.

  •  From Arequipa’s Rodriguez Ballon Airport, a taxi trip should take 29 minutes (11.6 kilometers)
  •  From Arequipa's central bus station, a taxi trip should take no more than 10 minutes (3.3 kilometers)
  • Tell the taxi driver “Calle Ugarte 111 en el centro, entre San Francisco y Jerusalem.”




A20 Bed Dorm

Price: 24 PEN (Aprox. $8 USD)
Capacity: 20
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Our most affordable option. Good for those who want to meet other solo travelers.

B16 Bed Dorm

Price: 27 PEN (Aprox. $9 USD)
Capacity: 16
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Another affordable option. Good for solo travelers who want a little more breathing room.

C8 Bed Dorm

Price: 30 PEN (Aprox. $10 USD)
Capacity: 8
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Good for solo travelers looking for extra space, or large groups traveling together.

D6 Bed Dorm

Price: 34 PEN (Aprox. $11.33 USD)
Capacity: 6
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The best option for medium-sized groups traveling together.

E4 Bed Dorm

Price: 38 PEN (Aprox. $13 USD)
Capacity: 4
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Perfect for small groups of friends traveling together, it's a good option.


Private Matrimonial Rooms

Price: 89 PEN (Aprox. $30 USD)
Capacity: 2
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A private option for those who need their own space but still want to enjoy the environment of a hostel.


Arequipa is a tourist’s paradise, with loads of different activities and excursions for all types of travelers.

The main attraction is the city itself, with its rich culture and cuisine—the best way to get a feel for it is by taking a walking tour with a local guide. Most visitors also use Arequipa as a departure point to see nearby Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world.

There are a number of different ways to see this iconic natural wonder, including single-day tours and multiple-day treks. Our in-house tourist agency is open every day from 9am to 7pm to assist you with choosing the perfect activities for your budget and tastes.