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Welcome to Wild Rover Hostel

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Wild Rover is no novel invention.

We’re merely following a proud tradition that stems from laws that have governed Irish hospitality for centuries. Ancient Irish Law dictated hosts had to provide food, drink, a warm bed if possible, and entertainment for their guests so we are just trying to honor these old traditions.


Wild Rover is famous for its legendary parties, with an unbeatable atmosphere, daily activities and drink specials you can be assured of un-forgettable nights.


We have welcoming and friendly English speaking staff who are selected for their ability to have a good time and make all our guests feel welcome while been totally professional in their work.


“The comfiest beds in South America guaranteed “

Our comfy beds with specially made warm winter/summer duvets and soft imported pillows give you the perfect bed to sleep in and don’t forget our 24 hour gas powered hot showers for complete comfort.


Our authentic Irish bars serve yummy munchies and filling main courses to suit backpackers missing a taste from home, all served to some of the cheapest and strongest drinks in South America.


All our hostels are centrally located with none of them being more than 3 blocks from the central plaza of each city allowing you to easily explore the attractions of each unique location.


We have CCTV, security gates, backpack lockers in all rooms and charging lockers in reception to protect those small but valuable possessions of yours.

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